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With Testosterone, It's All about that Base

We know from experience that hormones are lipophilic and absorbed well topically. Many of our compounded hormone replacement solutions are creams or gels for this reason. However, we have heard that some men are not getting good levels with their compounded testosterone products, and some doctors are frustrated with the results.

Graphic: how Atrevis Hydrogel works

We are pleased to announce that we have a compounding base that has been designed specifically for topical testosterone delivery: Atrevis Hydrogel. The word “Atrevis” comes from a Spanish phrase, a traves de la piel, roughly translated as “through the skin.” And that is what makes Atrevis useful: it gets through the skin, cleanly, without residue, no crystals, no greasy mess.

Atrevis is alcohol-free, which makes it an interesting contrast with the alcohol-based gels. Being alcohol-free eliminates the possibility of skin irritation. There is another element that is also very important: alcohol evaporates, and when it does, the concentration of the gel can change, varying the dose the patient gets. Atrevis is a water-based gel, with specific penetration enhancers that help drive the testosterone through skin. These skin-permeation enhancers, one of which is patented, improve the solubility and dispersibility of testosterone, making it easier to be absorbed.

The results of independent testing show that Atrevis Hydrogel significantly outperformed both a reference base and a competitor base. The results show that Atrevis delivered 2.73 times as much testosterone through the skin as the competitor base and 1.62 times as much testosterone through the skin as the hydro-alcoholic surfactant solution.

If you are interested in using Atrevis Hydrogel to enhance your hormone replacement therapy, please stop by and ask for an information sheet. You can give the sheet to your practitioner who then needs to specify this base when writing the prescription for your compounded medication. As always, if you have additional questions, please ask.

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