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Helping Vets Help Pets

If you have been reading our newsletter for any length of time, you know our compounding lab offers you medications that are custom made for your needs when one-size-fits-all medications don’t work. We also offer our compounding services to veterinarians to help your pets be healthy and stay healthy as well. Heaven knows, one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to the pets you love!

Compounding allows veterinarians to broaden their prescribing abilities and to offer dosage forms that are patient-specific in strength and formulation. The goal of compounding for the veterinary patient is to enhance the veterinarian’s ability to treat patients in a more effective and efficient manner.

Compounding can make medicating animals easier. For instance, we can make flavored chews that animals are eager to eat. Have you ever tried to give a pill to a cat? We can make liver flavored chews. If your pet isn’t excited about the chew, we can compound the medication into a cream that is rubbed into the belly or ear. The possibilities are endless.

The amount of medication incorporated into the chews, capsules, topical cream, or liquid preparation can be formulated to the specific request of the veterinarian, thereby eliminating the need to cut tablets and divide the contents of commercially prepared capsules.

As manufacturers decide that certain products are no longer economically rewarding to market, the list of commercially prepared veterinary medication becomes smaller. Also, some medications have been on backorder, leaving pet owners to wonder how they are going to help their pet that relies on that medication.

We are here to help. Our compounding pharmacy can prepare flavored medication; medicine in ideal size, strength, and dosage form; unavailable medications; combination medications to improve compliance; and novel devices and delivery systems. Compounding is actually a means to an end. We work together with veterinarians and their clients and patients to solve medication problems by compounding specialized medications that meet the unique needs of each animal— pets, exotics, horses, or zoo animals.

Let us know how we can help you and the animals in your care! Call (717) 217-6790 with questions.


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