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A Pinch of This, Dash of That?

Compounded medications provide customized solutions for your specific needs, such as a liquid dosage form instead of a pill, and are gaining greater acceptance for the benefits and flexibility they offer. Commercially available products do not always meet the needs of the patient. Customized drugs created by compounding pharmacies offer valuable treatment options for physicians and patients. But compounding medications takes an exacting recipe.

Safety in Mind

How can physicians and patients ensure compounded drugs are safe and viable to use? Quality is key. Central to ensuring quality is compounding pharmacy accreditation, which confirms a pharmacy’s commitment to excellence in preparing compounded medications. Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) Accreditation is long-recognized as the most respected and valued accreditation status in the industry.

PCAB Accreditation bridges the gap between conventional and customized medications by reviewing compounding processes and validating that best practices are used consistently to minimize risk for patients.

Accreditation (and Testing) Matters

Pharmacies that achieve PCAB Accreditation recognition have met rigorous national requirements for preparing compounded drugs. More than that, PCAB Accredited compounding pharmacies regularly have their compounded medications tested by a third party, independent lab to ensure the final product matches the prescribed product.

By choosing a PCAB Accredited compounding pharmacy, you can be confident that compounded drugs will be prepared with utmost care and get extra assurance that your compounded medications are backed by a proven commitment to delivering the safest, most reliable products.

Norland Avenue Pharmacy is the only local pharmacy to have achieved PCAB Accreditation. We are committed to excellence and to your health.


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