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Ear Piercing

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New Ear Piercing? Yes, please!

Norland Avenue Pharmacy offers FREE ear piercing services to anyone six years of age and older with the purchase of a pair of Studex earrings.

In order to ensure an excellent ear piercing experience, we require a piercing appointment.


You must be 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian present identification to have your ears pierced.

Unfortunately, we cannot pierce anyone under the age of 6 at Norland Avenue Pharmacy.

Please give us a call if you have any questions: (717) 217-6790.

Studex Earrings

Our Studex earrings are available in:


Stainless Steel & Gold Plated Stainless Steel - $35

14K Gold & White Gold - $60

Receive a free bottle of saline spray for aftercare with Studex earring purchase!

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Our Piercing Process

Our piercing specialists always wear single use disposable gloves to be as hygienic as possible. Our tools are cleaned before and after each use, and our earrings are always prepackaged and pre-sterilized.


Before piercing, your ears will be cleaned with an alcohol swab. The piercing itself is done with a piercing gun. Our “touch-free” ear piercing process highlights safety and hygiene. 


The photo to the left indicates where we can pierce the ear.  

For anyone who would prefer, and for all customers under the age of ten, we will pierce both ears simultaneously. All earrings are non-allergenic with no nickel strike.

Questions? Give us a call!

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