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Are you experiencing:

• Brain fog

• Trouble concentrating

• Lack of clarity

• Errors in your work

If this is the case, try Ananda’s CogniActiv+, featuring a brain boosting blend of Cannabinoids, Coffee Fruit Extract, and Citicoline. Not only do these ingredients support Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor but have also been shown in clinical studies to improve overall brain function and performance.

Cannabinoids: Leveraging a variety of minor cannabinoids that have been shown to help with neuroprotection and anti-inflammatory processes: Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabidiolic Acid (CBD-A), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabinol (CBN). Cannabinoids provide protection your brain needs.

Cognatiq (Coffee Fruit Extract): You might be sipping your morning coffee to wake up and stay energized, but have you ever wondered where coffee beans come from? They come from the skins, pulp, and beans of the coffee cherries, which contain elements that can enhance the way your brain functions: working to improve overall performance, making it work more efficiently, and helping its different parts to communicate better.

Cognizin (Citicoline): This is a natural chemical that your body already produces. It plays a role in boosting your brain’s overall performance. Think of it as a helper for your brain to function at its best. It can lead to better memory, focus, and cognitive abilities, helping you think more clearly and effectively.

CogniActiv+ is an easy three-in-one gummy to boost brain performance and vitality. A bottle of 30 cherry flavored gummies cost just $41.99.

Stop by and pick up a bottle. Make a decision today that you will thank yourself for in the future. As always, if you have any questions, ask to talk to our supplement specialist or any of our knowledgeable pharmacists.

Be healthy, stay healthy.

*These statements are culmination of the knowledge and experience of the team at Norland Pharmacy. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider with questions concerning any medical condition or treatment. Compounded medications are not reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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