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Drive-Thru & Delivery Updates

Since the COVID pandemic began, our drive-thru has been busier than ever. In an effort to provide top notch customer service to all of our patients, even those in the drive-thru, we are initiating some new regulations. Drive-thru transactions are reserved for patients picking up fewer than eight prescriptions, patients who have prepaid for their prescriptions, and patients dropping off prescriptions. If you have a return, exchange, or insurance issue, we ask that you come into the store for service. If you are picking-up eight or more prescriptions, you have a few options. You can come into the store and allow us to serve you at the registers. Or, you can call and pay for your prescriptions ahead of time then pick them up at the drive-thru window. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to serving you!

We are happy to offer delivery service to our patients. For same day service, requests must be received by noon. Beginning May 1st, all deliveries will be made after 1pm as follows:

Tier 1 (0-4 miles) - FREE, Monday-Friday

Tier 2 (4.1-8 miles) - $3, Monday-Friday

Tier 3 (8.1-15 miles) - $5

Tier 4 (15.1-20 miles) - $7

Tier 5 (>20 miles) - fee determined by management

For Tiers 3-5:

North of Route 30: Mon & Fri

South of Route 30: Tues & Thurs

Call with questions.

*These statements are culmination of the knowledge and experience of the team at Norland Pharmacy. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider with questions concerning any medical condition or treatment. Compounded medications are not reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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