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Compounded Lollipops for Pain Relief

Being able to compound custom medications in our state-of-the-art lab is always rewarding; however, some of the most interesting and creative compounds we prepare are for kids. It can be problematic to get children to take traditional medication, but we have several compounded options that can make it easier: from changing a pill or capsule into a liquid to flavoring a medication to make it taste better.

One problematic symptom we hear from our pediatric patients quite often is a sore throat which often occurs with tonsillitis, strep throat, or a viral infection. In these cases, a popular choice for many patients and their parents are tetracaine lollipops.

These lollipops can be prepared in different flavors and strengths depending on the child’s preferences and needs. Higher strengths are usually reserved for post-surgical patients—often used after a tonsillectomy.

Remember, you will need to have a physician write a prescription for tetracaine lollipops. A typical dosage strength and our most popular flavors are listed here:


CHOOSE A FLAVOR: Bubble Gum, Grape, or Raspberry

compounded lollipops in Rx bottle

As you can see in the picture, our lollipop packaging allows your child to use the lollipop for relief and save the rest for if and when the pain returns. Tetracaine lollipops should not be eaten as candy in one sitting.

If you or your physician has any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by to ask.

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