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ATTENTION: A Call to Action

Recently, compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has come under fire. In July 2020, a report commissioned by the FDA was published by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, & Medicine (NASEM), that ultimately recommended across the board restrictions on compounded hormones, potentially removing access to this important therapy for millions of patients who benefit from them.

The overwhelming number of patients who take compounded hormones are women who are experiencing menopause. Restricting access to compounded hormones is more than just a bureaucratic matter. Most of the patients taking compounded hormones have no other options—their physician has determined that manufactured hormones don’t meet their needs—and the symptoms of hormone imbalance can be quite devastating to a person’s well-being.

WE NEED YOUR VOICE! Take action by sharing your story, including how taking compounded hormones has positively affected your life by visiting You can help put a face to this issue and humanize it. Where the NASEM report is cold and clinical, with no mention of patient outcomes, you can show, through your story, the impact that compounded hormones can make on people’s lives.

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